Chemical Drum Safety Clamp for 3/8" Drum Probe

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A safe, fast, effective way to increase the safety of your chemical feed system.  Clamp is made of polypropylene and available in 4 colors to reduce cross-contamination of chemicals, by color-coding safety devices to chemical drums.


  • Recommended for cleaning & sanitation applications where a 3/8" drum probe is being used
  • Use in conjunction with the Chemical Drum Seal, for compliance with the FDA's FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act). It allows you to seal a chemical drum, while feeding chemical product
  • Clamp can be applied or removed at any time during operation
  • Fits all Standard UN chemical drums, 15-gal to 55-gal
  • Includes an enhanced, cross-linked, closed-cell, high-density, copolymer filter that provides optimum chemical resistance

Benefits of Using a CFS2 Safety Device

In dozens of industries around the world, there are millions of applications that use chemicals. These applications involve open containers where dangerous chemicals are either fed directly into an end-use process or they are transferred from their original chemical drum into a smaller chemical container. In most of these applications, the end user is exposed to these chemicals and the environment is compromised due to the off-gassing and splash hazards of these dangerous chemicals. CFS2 is committed to providing a cost-effective solution to this problem in the chemical feed market.

Many industries have chemical feed systems in place that require improved safety and reliability. Consumers need a device that is easy & fast to apply and remove, has durability and shows flexibility in the application, (can be used with varying number of suction and bleed tubes run through the bung opening). The safety devices provided by Chemical Feed Safety Supply, satisfy all these needs and presents customers with the following benefits...

Direct Benefits

  • Reduces risk of direct chemical exposure due to 'splashing'
  • Improves 'Indoor Air Quality' (IAQ) - helpful for OSHA inspections
  • Reduces off-gassing and harmful chemical odors
  • Reduces contamination of the chemical product by helping to eliminate any dirt, debris, moisture, or environmental hazards from entering the drum
  • Aids to reduce cross-contamination of chemicals, by color-coding safety devices to drums
  • Creates a "greener" work environment, which aids employee's health

Cost Avoidance

  • Expenses related to clean-up of a chemical spill, and possible HAZMAT charges for disposal of product
  • Accidents and injuries (and possible workers compensation claims) due to chemical exposure from direct skin contact or inhalation
  • Monetary losses due to wasted or contaminated chemical product
  • Possible reduction in insurance premiums, by showing increased plant safety
  • Increased shelf-life of product, thereby reducing overall chemical costs

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